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DSBplot is a Python 3 program for processing and visualizing high-throughput amplicon sequencing data obtained to study double-strand break (DSB) repair due to the nonhomologous end-joining (NHEJ) repair mechanism. For the latest version, please see GitHub or PyPi.

DNA Tensegrity Triangle

Listed below are programs used in "Engineering Tertiary Chirality in Helical Biopolymers".


SDRAP is a web application which annotates DNA segments in DNA rearrangement precursor and product genomes which describe the rearrangement, and computes properties of the rearrangements reflecting their complexity. The annotated segments sought by the software are analogous to MDSs, IESs, and pointers in ciliate DNA rearrangements.

Assembly Words

This application draws the assembly graph, chord diagram, and circle graph defined by the word.


web interface screenshot web interface results screenshot web interface advanced screenshot svg output screenshot terminal output screenshot pdf output screenshot postscript output screenshot
dnagrep is grep-like tool to visualize genome searches and output to various media formats (printable, interactive, and audio).
The image shows a bar with tickmarks showing the results of a dnagrep search.
dnagrep acts as a digital highlighter to aid in visualization of patterns within DNA sequences.
News: August 2014 -- Security enhancements


Software To Annotate Genome Rearrangements

Mathematica tools



Tool to compute genus range and spectrum of double occurrence words.

Chord Diagram Genus Spectrum

Calculates the chord diagram genus spectrum using javascript.

Draw Legal Strings

Draws the arrangement of segments of two genes corresponding to a two-gene legal string.

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