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Discrete and Topological Models for DNA Assembly

Ryan's povray tracing image of an assembly graph

Summer research opportunities for graduates and undergraduates!

In recent years it has become clear that mathematical tools from algebra, group theory, combinatorics, and topology play essential roles in understanding vital biological processes at the molecular scale. These include applications of

There are a number of intriguing connections between these techniques, and they are all essential tools for our understanding of structures and processes in molecular biology, especially nucleic acids and proteins.

New positions available

The USF Department of Mathematics and Statistics is seeking two mathematics postdoc fellows in the area of math models for biomolecular processes. These postdocs will be working under guidance of Prof. N. Jonoska at the USF Mathematics Department on joint projects with Prof. F. Storici at the School of Biological Sciences at the Georgia Institute of Technology. The projects involve modeling as well as NGS data analysis of ribonucleotide incorporation in human genomic DNA and on RNA:DNA hybrid involvement in DNA repair. For more information, please visit the following links to the work done by Prof. N. Jonoska, Prof. F. Storici and the Southeast Center for Mathematics and Biology.

The candidates should have a PhD degree in mathematical sciences or a related area at the time of the appointment. Experience in coding and/or analysis of large data sets are recommended. The positions are open starting from August 1st, 2021 and may be annually renewed up to three years.

For consideration, please send a cover letter indicating interest in genomics studies, a CV, and three reference contacts to jonoska@mail.usf.edu. For any questions please contact Prof. N. Jonoska at jonoska@mail.usf.edu or Prof. F. Storici at storici@gatech.edu.

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